Demand Survey

At DSPWHS, we regularly conduct Demand Surveys to assess and ascertain feasibility of any proposed housing project or scheme. It is the most important step for us prior to launching a new project.

The primary purpose of Demand Surveys conducted is to evaluate the viability of launching a new housing project or scheme by keeping our members’ interests in mind. This helps us to ensure that the members get good quality housing options that too at affordable prices.

In Demand Surveys, DSPWHS addresses all important parameters related to a housing project such as its location and proximity to various essential facilities like markets, hospitals, schools and other public conveniences.

Based on the survey report, DSPWHS prepares an action plan on implementation of the scheme or project.

The Demand Survey for any housing project or scheme is notified on our website as well as communicated to our members by mail and other mediums. For other details about the procedure, withdrawal, last day to apply and other terms and conditions etc you can contact our support team.